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We provide our services to empower the private sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030 to support business growth by providing human resources solutions.

Personnel Management

The Human Resource Management department is responsible for the process of communicating with all employees at all levels, and maintaining awareness of the goals and vision of the company in which they work for. We also develop plans for human resources, conduct analysis for each job, and develop provisions that regulate each position in the work organization, and ensure the safety of employees and their health measures in accordance with the institutional procedures and policies.

Recruitment and Development

In the first year, we provide recruitment, training and development services, employee performance appraisal, compensation report, benefits provision, employee motivation and maintaining appropriate relationships with employees.

Managing and Measuring Performance Indicators

In (First Solutions), we follow up the performance of employees in the work environment, and evaluate the performance of employees by measuring performance indicators, and by collecting various data that help us build plans for development and job promotion, build effective participation teams, raise participation rates of individuals, develop behavioral competencies, and maintain the best talents. The Department of Human Resources Management will ensure that everyone in the work environment remains compliant with local, state and federal labor laws.

Payroll Management

The cost of employees in terms of salaries and other benefits is among the largest in any company. Addressing and reporting these costs correctly is the key to analysis and decision-making. In (First Solutions), we help institutions and companies manage salaries, prepare and calculate salaries, which include the necessary controls and elements to be verified in advance to ensure that the data is used properly through the latest specialized technical systems.

Support and Backup Services

In addition to basic human resources services, (First Solutions) provides recruitment services, secure adequate housing, transportation, and any other requirements according to the requirements of (First Solutions) customers.

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