Our Goals

  1. Creating the necessary specific jobs to each work or organization, selecting suitable individuals to occupy these places, organizing their work in them, following them up periodically, and analyzing their performance on an ongoing basis. This work will be done by creating job descriptions for all vacant positions in the organization, and the appropriate specifications for its employees.

  2. Achieving discipline in the work environment by determining rewards and imposing appropriate penalties in a moderate manner so that the atmosphere of work order continues in the work environment.

  3. Save the wasted time and effort needed by the management of companies and institutions to maintain the quality of the internal environment of their institutional work, and to avoid financial losses that occur due to poor selection of employees, or the inability to exploit their own potential.

  4. Work to apply the employment laws issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to ensure that institutions adhere to them, including managers and subordinates.

  5. Achieving the ten rules on which the Human Resources Management Department is based on, which are: cost-effectiveness, competitiveness, coherence, credibility, communication, creativity, competitive advantage, efficiency, change, and commitment.